Throw A House Warming Party On A Budget

by Denise Mason 09/01/2019

House warming parties are engaging channels to bring your friends and new neighbors together and show your new home off to them. These parties can take different forms depending on how you want it and how much you're willing to spend.

Moving from one home to another is an expensive process. Therefore, it is reasonable for many homeowners to sidestep house warming after moving in. But money shouldn't hinder a house warming party because you can tailor such functions to be suitable for you. You can still have a small and fancy one even after all the moving costs.

While there are no rules guiding any house warming party, there are tips to help you cut the cost and achieve the same thing.

Establish how much the party will cost you

Once you figure out how much you want to spend, planning becomes easier. Be careful not to spend more than you can afford to let go. House warming doesn't have to be fancy; a casual alternative can work instead. But the party you want to hold depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Fix the date

Planning a housewarming on a budget involves working within certain situations where you're comfortable. Before you set the date, consider the timing. How much will you recover, financially, from the move before the party? There's no law stating housewarming should be the next on your to-do list immediately after moving in. Consider your budget and take your time.

Limit the number of guests

People spend more when they have more people to cater for than they planned to have. A 'perfect' housewarming doesn't have to be one where you invite everyone in the town. Of course, you can ask anyone you want to. However, when planning the party on a budget, consider inviting close friends and a few acquaintances to keep the cost down.

Have a budget for food

A housewarming won't be complete without eating and drinking. In fact, this is where most of the fund set aside for the party goes. A house warming party on a budget breaks you out of the three-course-meal and booze convention. You can opt for budget-friendly foods like pizza, sandwiches and other finger food. Also, consider other creative ideas for appetizers and entrees. For drinks, a big batch of cocktails will do, soda and home-made. 

Having a party for your new neighbors and old friends should not cost too much and still be a way to become part of your new environment.

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